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Transition Year Students become Activists
Dublin, 8th February 2016

A group of Transition Year students from various schools became Youth activists in their community after carrying out campaigns based on inequality, climate change and gender equality. The young people received informative workshops and “activate toolkits” which inspired them to create campaigns based on these three important goals. The campaigns aimed to raise awareness and teach young people in schools about the consequences of ignoring these important issues but also inspiring them to become the change we would like to see in the world. The inequality group learned about the importance of tolerance and inclusion of different ethnic, religious and nationality groups in the society and how this would lead to a much more progressive and prosperous future.

In the climate change workshop, the young people were educated on the facts and urgent issues which affect our planet currently. They were shown the consequences of our life styles but also the different methods they can use to stop the current process. At the end, an open discussion was formed where young people had the chance to voice their views and opinions on what the best approaches would be when it comes to delivering their campaign in their own communities and schools. The following conclusion came: shock them but then inspire them to become the change.

Lastly, the gender equality group focused on feminism and women empowerment. They discussed the issue revolved around current gender pay gaps and also the need for more male feminists. Emma Watson’s campaign “HeForShe” became a starting point for discussions and an inspiration for young people when carrying out their presentations.
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